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Scooby is a 19 year young man who is passionate for Drum & Bass and Dubstep music. As a versatile DJ himself he knows many of the Belgian DJ's and knows his way around the D'nB & Dubstep circuit. He takes care of all of (y)our D'nB and Dubstep events from A to Z.



Scratchy is a 46 year young man, father to Scooby and the love of Bitchy's life. He's passionate about Retro House, Techno & Hardcore music and knows his way around these circuits like no other. Experienced like no other and still very young @ heart, he takes 100% care of all of (y)our Retro, Techno & Hardcore events.

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Bitchy is a 45 year young woman, mother to Scooby and soulmate 2 Scratchy. She's passionate about a big range of musicstyles and has quite a few (inter)national DJ-connections within these circuits. Bitchy plans and organises all (y)our Retro House, Hard + Jumpstyle and Schlager events from start to finish. 

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