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RAW is a versatile warlock who spins killer D'nB tunes and has alllready performed at every major Drum and Bass event, solo, B2B or B3B, he can do it all. .When he unleashes his true power, you will see the eye of Mordor and the mines of Moria but you won't be in Kansas anymore.

 At Resurrectionz: Rise of the Dead he directed his chirping tunes and pounding basses to the ravers and converted them all to the teachings of Satan in a conspiracy with Phasma & Goshiki.  

They made the crowd go bonkers beyond reason and we're proud to have them back to blow the speakers at our second edition!

Performances:  Vnapijumpup (Budapest) - ResurrectionZ: Rise of the Dead - Inceptionz - Bad Habitz Hedex tour - Criticalz