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Jump Up

7,8, better stay up late to hear Kyli spin the decks with his minion BØNK.

Straight 'outta Heist-Op-Den-Berg they will be creeping and crawling to Leuven in the dead of night to reap your doomed souls at ResurrectionZ Halloween. Kyli will be part of the ResurrectionZ line-up for the second time and as he makes your blood run cold with his dirty cricket tunes, he's sure to blow the roof and give you a taste of high class certified mest!

BØNK er op en een dubbele dosis MEST verzekerd!

Performances:  Inceptionz -  ResurrectionZ: Rise of the Dead - Destructionz - Toxic -  Misplaced - Rebelz - Saintz

ResurrectionZ - Motion - Bleetfoef Festival - Invidia