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Appearances: Real Retro House - A State of H.A.R.M.O.N.Y. - In2retro

Franco B started his carreer many years ago as a lightjockey in legendary clubs like Delite and Illusion. There his passion for DJ-ing was rekindled and he took every chance he got to learn firsthand from te masters behind the turntables. Meanwhile he has played at multiple private parties and just had his first performance before a live audience at the Real Retro House party in Westerlo.

He recently organised his first very own party; A State of Harmony in colab with Plexus. On the 10th of september 2022 he joined forces with Oblivion in a line-up filled with legendary retro house dj ’s at In2retro. Franco B will blow your mind with some heavy duty retro house.