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​Prolific artist and DJ Stefan Melis a.k.a. Bountyhunter is well known in the oldschool scene, but is furhtermore working very hard on his latest project; Bountyhunter 2.0, where Techno and Melodic are the key words.  Stefan started his career in 1990 in a small club called TGV with the Oldschool music. During this period he recorded his first record with a sample from the Star Wars movie and the track “Bountyhunter” was born. Released on the brand new upcoming label Bonzai Records in 1992, this single would go on to be a huge success and help in shaping the sound we all know and love today. Many more releases would follow including “Woops”, “Demilitarized Zone” and “The Return” to name a few. For quite a few tracks Bountyhunter used various aliases such as; The Darkman, X-Change, Chain Dance ,Aqua Contact and Technojunkies.  He was also part of collabs with Franky Jones, Blue Alphabet, Robert Armani and Felix da Housecat. During this period he played at big parties across Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Kroatia, Holland, ...) and in addition he was a resident in legendary clubs such as Extreme, Montini, Planet Hardcore, Cherrymoon and many more.  Bountyhunter has been playing and producing Techno for some time now and already is an established value in the techno scene under the alias Ben Knoxx, wearing a golden mask at every performance to hide his true identity. He made the conscious decision to keep his true identity a secret, mainly to avoid confusion with his more public persona playing different styles. As Ben Knoxx he was lined-up on stages together with big artists such as Robbertoo, Marika Rossa, Fatima Haji, Joey Beltram, Joyhauser, Klaps and many more. With releases at SMR Underground, Bonzai Basics, Let’s Techno, MTZ Noir, Dolma Records he has built up a solid collection of impressive techno tracks. Tip: you can listen to all of his music on Beatport. Doing some serious overtime in his studio, you can rest assured that many more will follow in the near future. Stefan now steps out of the Ben Knoxx-shadows and into the Bountyhunter 2.0 era to conquer the techno scene head-on with his professionalism, friendly charm and lots of mindblowing tunes! Hold on tight when he blows you away with his amazing DJ skills and epic talent to entertain a broad audience. ​Are you ready for a dose of Bountyhunter's Techno or Melodic? 

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