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Appearances: Immertionz I & II and New Dimensions 2nd edition, ResurrectionZ: Rise of the Dead, ResurrectionZ Halloween, 2nd place in the Invidia DJ contest AND was the winner of ETERNAL DJ contest! 

Basstronikz, a member of our In2events affiliated DJ pool is only 21 years old and specializes in Druma and Bass & Jump Up.

He has been very passionate about DNB / JUMP UP since the age of 15 and lives by his motto "Whenever I'm down, my passion always helps me back up". Basstronikz takes pleasure in pleasing others, so be ready! He had the crowd go LOCO at our first ResurrectionZ chapter and promised us to go insane and completely overboard for the Halloween edition. Brace yourself for some serious BasstronikZ beats!

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